Do you ever make an appearance at the beach and leave your T-Shirt on due to the uncomfortable feeling of not being in shape? And just to make matters worse there’s always someone near you who is just unbelievably shredded, has the six-pack abs, and their veins are looking like a road map. But you can’t look away can you? You dream of being in that shape, to be able to roam free, and love the energy that emits from your ora. Not to worry, there is an infinite amount of ways to reach the body you’ve always wanted, at any age we can formally adapt if we have a blueprint. To do this, it is important to understand the knowledge on how to achieve it. My goal is simply to help you grasp the information that will give you the direction on how to take action.

Confidence First

Its widely important as a human being to not only be healthy in the only body that was given to us, but to also feel the full
confidence in it as well. Nature intended on us to feel good naked, to be proud of something we’ve worked hard for and be able to show it off to the world. No matter how hard we try and avoid the truth visual attraction is a common law between all humans; WE CRAVE IT. It is a giant step in evolution and the further production of our species, BUT In order to gain confidence you must be willing to put the work in not only in the kitchen but also in anaerobic activity. Your body is willing to work just as hard in creating positive changes. These changes are the course of becoming stronger, leaner, faster, and according to many studies, smarter. Cognitive function appears to be significantly improved due to healthier blood pathways which causes increased amounts of oxygen and nutrient support to the brain. So feel good about yourself in knowing that it is POSSIBLE to get there!

Knowledge in the Kitchen

The quickest way to begin shredding your body fat percentage is to understand the effects of better eating habits in the kitchen. Do you ever purchase a food product and on the back you see a label with all kinds of numbers and percentages but not sure exactly know what it means? Its important to begin researching the basics of nutrition, such as the macro nutrients specifically adaptable to your goals. Macro nutrients are composed of three layers; fats, carbohydrates, and protein (the fourth being alcohol, but you can CLICK HERE for more information on the negative effects). And being able to measure each source individually in EACH meal that you consume is going to allow you to gain total control on your fat burning journey. In other words, you won’t be guessing and wondering if you’re burning fat, you will KNOW. Calorie count is another significant source that you must understand how it works. Essentially the golden rule is “more calories out, than calories in”. Though, gaining the highest possible nutrient content from each calorie is also vital to rapid weight loss. So yes, it might be easy to gain 1000 calories from a fast food restaurant, however, the nutrient quality of processed foods will not bring you the same energy and metabolism levels as if you had a controlled food environment in your own kitchen. “Controlled environment” meaning you have access to knowing the nutrient quality you gain from your vegetables and grains, if your meats were organic or grass fed, and to know exactly what you used to cook everything up.

Just Start

I repetitively imply that gaining knowledge is highly important to achieving just about anything you desire. I, myself, read on a daily basis in books and articles in every personal development genre. But a plan without action will always be just a plan. So there makes no sense in knowing things if you never input the actions out into the world. Once you’ve gained a base on nutrition, you may ask yourself, what do I need now? Now we need to put the work in! This is where we establish the “calories out” part. Exercise creates muscle, which then increases your metabolic rate, that results in increased fat loss and healthier energy levels. Pick a style of workouts or activity that you will find fun and motivating for yourself. My choices? I endure heavy in the sport of crossfit. Why? Because It is scaled to anyone’s age and abilities and the workouts are highly intense. The best part of all is that it is a giant community of coaches and crossfitter’s that are always supportive, social, and overall always creating a fun environment. You don’t have to place yourself in over grueling stressful situations just to burn fat, you can enjoy it as well. Crossfit might not be your thing, but there’s hundreds of other activities to choose from. From joining a sports league like basketball at your local recreation center, or beginning to train as a runner for possibly joining a marathon. Maybe you’d like to get in on intense dieting and train for a body building competition. Simply even just to start a habit of walking twenty minutes every day in the morning is PROGRESS. It’s all possible if you truly set your mind to it. No matter where you start, the most important thing to do is to JUST START.

Maximize with Supplements

Once you’ve established a nutritional foundation and a routine in any anaerobic activity style, we move on to supplement support. In efforts to absolutely boost optimal fat burning and muscle retention we must also understand how natures quality ingredients can assist us in performance. I will go more into depth on the science behind every ingredient and the importance of how they contribute to one another in a later post. For now we can run down through the basics.

  • First, you must know the timing and exactly what to take during certain activity and phases of your day. In the morning, taking a fat burner can highly increase your energy levels to wake your mind and body up for a quick cardio or workout session. Most will come with a stimulant which is also high doses of caffeine. If you’re sensitive to caffeine there are also non-stimulant fat burners, a healthier alternative that create a more organic energetic feeling with higher doses in vitamins and herbs.
  • Next, while enjoying your breakfast it’s essential to include a multi-vitamin at this time. Starting the day with this will supply you with sustainable nutrients that you may deplete later on in your daily activities.
  • After your intense workout, enjoy a high quality protein shake to replenish and fuel your muscles to recovery. It’s also important to maintain a steady intake of BCAA which will resist your body from going into muscle catabolism while you’re burning fat.
  • Lastly, taking a casein protein shake along with a ZMA supplement will help support muscle retention and a beautiful deep REM recovery sleep which will also increase testosterone levels that results in rapid fat burn!

Chase It

To know is important, be a student of life and serve to your goals and ambitions. But remember without action there is no progress, a plan is just a plan. Build a blueprint for yourself, know where you want to be in one year. Then take that plan and see how you can make it happen in six months! It’s possible if you really want the results and that image of yourself. The most successful people in the world didn’t wait for opportunity, they went way out of their way to go out and CHASE IT!

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Best of gains to you






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