• The understanding of the effects of supplements is based upon hundreds of studies and test subjects who have shown to reach optimal results in standardized training programs. Before we began it is vital to understand the rules of supplementation. The word “supplement” supports the argument that there has to be a nutritional foundation first in order to achieve maximal results to your overall goals. If you skip nutrition and jump directly into supplements you risk your body of enduring multiple health risk. Though, if the information is used correctly you can enter a world of new energy and incredible muscle growth.


Protein is a staple to your success, but understanding the different types and when to take them is a critical factor in your muscle growth journey. Taken blindly without any knowledge can dynamically reduce the overall benefits that you can potentially grasp from muscle protein synthesis (MPS). Not to worry, I will further help you by explaining protein utilization to achieve optimal muscle growth. A matrix blend of protein is essential, take a protein product that includes a whey, casein, and egg albumin protein all in one blend. Each usually adding up to 8g, ideally equaling to 24g of protein to your total serving. Whey will act as fast digesting to quickly reach the blood stream almost within 15 minutes. Egg albumin will act as a medium digestion for a moderate drip of amino acids, and casein will act as your slow 6 to 8 hour digestion for a long term drip of amino acids completely reducing muscle catabolism.


=How to

  • Take between 1g-1.5g per lb of body weight in your daily intake (this includes protein provided by your meals as well).
  • Take first thing in the morning upon waking up to immediately eliminate muscle catabolism.
  • Take a serving 15-30 minutes after your workout, since your body is in an insulin spike state at this moment direly searching for nutrients to begin the recovery phase.
  • Take a serving before bed time so the casein may assist the body in preventing muscle catabolism in the long duration of sleep hours without nutrients.

Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s)

Also widely known as “the building blocks of protein”. You always want your body to be in an anabolic state as opposed to catabolic. Anabolic being muscle protein synthesis (MPS), and catabolic being the state of when your body begins eating your muscles for energy due to lack of nutrients. BCAA’s can improve the rate of protein synthesis. Most importantly, they can also increase the cells overall capacity for protein synthesis which speeds up the entire process for amplified muscle growth. They can also drastically reduce the rate of muscle catabolism by slowing down the acting components of the protein breakdown pathway. In simple terms, it is not the gasoline to your engine but it is the oil assisting in performance. It is widely mistaken that the amino acids in a protein blend profile are the same as the protein profile in a BCAA supplement. In protein blends, they are tied to other amino acid peptides such as whey, egg, and casein. Thus, requiring digestion to be absorbed and transferred into the bloodstream. BCAA’s are in a “free-form” state and require no digestion. Therefore, entering the bloodstream almost immediately and quickly converting glucose into an intense energy source. BCAA’s overall reduce protein breakdown, increase protein synthesis, delay fatigue, and create intensified workouts. It’s also imperative to understand the proper time during the day to take a serving of BCAA.


-How to

  • Take 4-8g immediately before strenuous activity/workout.
  • You can also cut the dosage into 2 separate servings (4g/4g) so that you may sip on the second half during your workout.
  • You can choose to take a serving of EITHER a protein shake upon waking OR BCAA’s.
  • Do NOT combine with post workout/waking up protein shake as BCAA’s completely over power the MPS effects.


Picture yourself trying to build a house without a base, or simply trying to sit on a stool with only two legs. It’s just highly not recommended and a means to an end. The same variations go for the human body, how can you perform at your finest if you’re not taking care of the underlying micro nutrient foundation? Performance and energy levels can significantly decrease if we ignore our fundamental steps of nutrition. Granted, it may feel as there’s an infinite amount of vitamins and minerals that we are recommended to take on a daily basis and it just seems like too much work to track so we skip it all. Not to worry, I will help you simplify this step on your muscle growth journey. As we progress through the ages some things, luckily, have been made simpler for our general use. Multivitamins back then were just “Vitamins”, and you had to gather individual contents separately and moderate how much exactly is in each of the servings. You’d amount close to 20 pills per serving. Or it would simply be to hard to cram up all the vegetables recommended to take on a daily basis. Today, expert lab work has allowed us to collect exact measurements of COMBINED nutrients all into one pill, gummy, or powder form. Again, it is essential to understand the components that are inside of each serving and understanding what time during the day to take them.


-How to

  • Take 1 serving upon waking up with a meal, usually with breakfast every day.
  • Must drink with plenty of water, usually 16 oz.


Creatine is one of the most popular ingredients in the bodybuilding world but it is widely mistaken for a steroid. However, it is only composed of three ingredients: glycine, arginine, and methionine. If used correctly this supplement can take your muscle and strength gains to a completely different level. Creatine supplements primarily act in creating more ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate) in the body by hydrating the muscle cells which amplifies the recycling process of ATP. ATP is the body’s driving fuel behind energy and recovery. Its main goal is to assist in the oxidation process of protein, fat, and carbs. Thus, creating more protein synthesis in return for a maximized amount of anabolic gains.


How to-

  • Because insulin is spiked at this time, taking a serving post workout can be entirely beneficial. Creatine will travel at rapid speeds from the blood stream directly into the muscle cells.
  • Creatine must first be saturated into your body before it can potentially be effective. In other words, you must accumulate a total of 5-10g per day for a whole week before its “active”.


Once these four pillars of supplementation have been joined together at their prescribed times, you can unlock unlimited potential in overall muscle growth and peak performance. Once again, these are powerful ingredients to the human body but in order for them to be most effective there still needs to be a nutritional foundation. Keep up with your meals, keep up with your supplementation, stay hydrated, and feel the results of muscle growth and strength gains coming your way.

For more questions feel free to comment down below.


Best of gains to you




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Tabish Syed · January 3, 2018 at 5:32 am

that is a very through explanation of muscle growth, I have taken supplements only few times after workout. Would you recommend Creatine for me since I don’t usually take protein shakes? How long would it take start seeing results?

    Arturo · January 3, 2018 at 5:39 am

    I would definitely recommend creatine if you are looking to gain muscle and increase performance. However, you still must hit your overall protein daily goal of at least 1gram per pound of body weight if your are looking to maximize results. Creatine has to be in your system at least 2 weeks before being “activated” then you will not only see results but also FEEL them.

    Any other questions feel free to ask.

Dwight · January 3, 2018 at 6:01 am

Hey Tabish,

This was an amazing article my friend. I’ve been working out for several years now and i feel that i capitalize on the physical portion but neglect the NUTRITION part when it comes to training. I will take this article and imply it soon!
bookmarking your site,


Jeremy · January 3, 2018 at 8:48 am

I use protein and creatine quite frequently whenever im doing gym workouts. im glad i found your post though, as it provides me with more helpful tips on how to build muscle!

P.s. There seems to be a problem with the page code, as it is displayed all above your post.Ill send you screenshots.


    Arturo · January 3, 2018 at 8:22 pm

    I really appreciate the input, I’ll definitely take a good look at it. Thanks mate!

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