Our food intake contains several elements such as carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, nutrients, and fats. But only one among them is demonized severely. You must have already guess what it is. Yes, it is indeed the fat. Usually, the fat is associated with several unwanted and hated things like overweight issues. But, many people don’t really understand what fast does to our body and how important it is.

Fats are one of the most important elements that one needs to survive and have a healthy life. Fat is so important, that it is the vital element comprising the bone marrow and brain as well. It is also the carrier of different vitamins such as A, D, E and K through our bloodstream. Despite having several misconceptions attached to it, fat plays a key role in several processes in our body that takes place constantly. Here are the few roles of the fat and the reasons for its need to be in our diet:

An important source of energy:

A body needs the energy to function properly and stay alive. Energy is similar to fuel that we use to make machines work. Similarly, our bodies need the energy to function. Without energy, the body becomes non-functional like any other machine without fuel. Fat provides large amounts of energy to our body. It’s a vital component that supports our body’s functionality. Whenever the glucose is unavailable, our body extracts energy from the fats we consume, thus acting as a storehouse of energy.

A contributor to the transport system:

Fats play a key role in the transportation various nutrients and vitamins in our body. Cell membranes receive metabolites through the bloodstream with the help of fats in our body. In fact, fats are present in every cell membrane of our bodies. Not only just the transportation, fats are responsible for the activation of hormones and the foundation of the immune system as well.

Important for the Nervous system:

Our body generates electricity through which the signals are transmitted to different parts. These electric signals are transferred through the nerves which are the majority part of our nervous system. Axon is the component that’s responsible for these actions. Axon is covered by a protective coat which is made of 80% fat.

Regulatory body:

Our body produces several types of enzymes and hormones that are essential for different types of functions throughout the body. If the production of these enzymes or hormones are not in control, the body gets severe health disorders. Fats are responsible for the regulation of these enzymes and hormones. The steroid hormones are the highly important hormones that are necessary for the body functions. These steroid hormones are controlled and regulated by the fats.

Decreases the chance of getting diabetes:

Various studies and researches indicate that the replacement of trans fat and saturated fat with the unsaturated fat can reduce the risk of diabetes by affecting the insulin sensitivity positively. Several studies are going on to figure out the proper usage of fat in the diabetes medication.

Lessen inflammation:

Injuries can cause inflammation which can be dangerous without proper treatment. Fats can help in reducing the inflammation, particularly the Omega-3 fatty acids are known to be very effective the reduction of inflammation. Additionally, these acids are responsible for the healthy heart condition too.

Diminish belly fat:

Everyone likes to have a flat belly. Replacement of the saturated and trans fats with the monounsaturated fats can cause a serious deduction of the belly fat levels. Consuming food items with more monounsaturated fats and less saturated and trans fats can give you a good looking belly with very less percentage of fat.

Say no to cravings:

Several researchers conclude that human beings are built in way to enjoy consuming fats in our food. This is the reason for your cravings, especially for the fast foods. A remedy to this situation can be including a little amount of fat in every meal you take along with the other components such as nutrients, vitamins, proteins, and carbohydrates. Maintaining balance can really help you out in combating your cravings.

Different types of fats:

Along with the several benefits of fats, you need to be aware of the different types of fats in order to consume them accordingly to your body condition.

  • Saturated Fats:

This type of fat is usually found in dairy products, meat, coconut oil and many more. Consuming greater amounts of saturated fats can cause heart diseases, so make sure you take a balanced amount of saturated fats.

  • Unsaturated Fats:

This category of fat can be found in fish. These fats are known to reduce the risk of getting heart diseases. It also reduces the cholesterol levels.

  • Trans Fats:

These fats behave very similarly to the saturated fats due to their nature. They’re available in processed food. Consuming too much of trans fats causes the increase of unhealthy cholesterol levels and the decrease of healthy cholesterol levels.

  • Cholesterol:

This class of fat is found in both the food and our blood as well. It has several key functions in our body. Possessing high levels of unhealthy cholesterol and low levels of healthy cholesterol lead to the heart diseases.

Previously, people used to think that cholesterol is the primary reason for the health issues related to the diet. But it has been proven that the greater consumption of saturated fats is more dangerous than cholesterol consumption.


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