Yoga meditation practices date back to centuries and have been imparting immense benefits to the human body continuously. Even the modern day science has confirmed that yoga practices have substantial health benefits including a better immune system, improved bone density, increased brain functionality, and a high quality nervous system.

Many people worldwide have been practicing yoga practices and are enjoying a calm mind and a strong body. In fact, yoga assists in creating a well-maintained balance between your body and mind, thereby giving you a healthy body frame.

However, as per experts, Yoga is a science and not any magical therapy. It is actually an applied science and works on the laws of psychology which leads to unfolding of a human’s consciousness. Yoga instructor and physician Dr. Loren Fishman makes use of yoga practices for treating many medical conditions such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, etc.

Here is a detailed look at some of the medical benefits of yoga meditation practices as well as information on the science behind these yoga practices.


In today’s ever running lifestyle, stress is a major killer. The current high levels of stress have an adverse effect on human health. This is where yoga meditation practices come in to picture. The word ‘yoga’ has been derived from ‘yuj’ which is a Sanskrit word meaning integration of every human aspect from inside to outside. Moreover, yoga meditation practices create a balance between techniques such as physical postures, meditation, and breathing.

Moreover, yoga also lowers the cortisol levels which lead to good quality sleep. In all, yoga leads to a better posture, blood circulation, flexibility, coordination, and pulmonary functions. In addition, regular yoga practices can lower the risk factors for diabetes, hypertension, obesity, hyperlipidemia, oxidative stress, etc.

Meditation and that through yoga lends you a helping hand in clearing your mind from all the unnecessary stress and also for calming your stretched muscles.

Increasing Mind’s Strength

When you meditate with yoga, you are able to focus better on things and objects around you. Moreover, yoga opens the
windows of your mind to new experiences and in turn leads to better concentration levels. In addition, you can also enjoy a better self control over your body and mind. You even develop a better connection with your inner self which results in an inner feeling of peace in your lives.

Treatment of Back Pain

Have you been suffering from that chronic back pain? Try yoga meditation practices which can help in overcoming the pain to a great extent. With one week of yoga meditation, you can witness improved spinal flexibility which can also ease lower back pain considerably.

Eases Rheumatoid Arthritis

Iyengar yoga which is a form of yoga makes use of belts, yoga, and many other positioning props is known to be an effective solution for rheumatoid arthritis. Moreover, hot yoga such as gentle yoga has also shown effectual affects on rheumatoid joint pain.

Hangover Cure

If those drinks you had consumed last evening have resulted into a hangover, you can try yoga practices for feeling fresh. There are certain yoga poses such as ‘plow’ or ‘shoulder stand’ which work well on the thyroid gland which in turn improves your metabolism for removing the toxins from your body. Moreover, these yoga practices reverse the blood flow which brings more circulation to your brain. This will result into a balance between your body and brain thereby giving you a fresh feeling. You will not only get rid of your hangover but can also get rid of extra fat and cellulite.


With Asthma

If you are suffering from Asthma, you should take up yoga. Adults suffering from Asthma after an eight-week yoga meditation session can see a remarkable improvement. One such yoga practice called Pranayama focuses on breathing improvement techniques which can show a considerable effect on Asthma. In fact, many doctors prescribe yoga meditation practices as an alternative to medicines for Asthma.

Improvement in Heart Health

A healthy heart keeps your diseases at distance and yoga assists in keeping your heart hale and hearty. With the help of yoga meditation practices, your heart can remain in a vigorous state. Yoga practices have many cardiovascular benefits which can also eliminate arterial plaque. Moreover, meditation also lends a helping hand in lowering your heart rate and improves blood circulation.

Improving Digestion

If you are facing problems with your fiber intake and digestion, then you can practice yoga to improve your digestive system.

With the help of different yoga poses, you can massage internal organs which can assist in making your food along your digestive system.

Yoga practices can also flush out the toxins from your body thereby making your body clean. Meditation has also been known to reduce irritable Bowel Syndrome and Irritable Bowel Disease.

Join In

Now you understand that yoga has an infinite amount of beneficial power, but yet you can’t afford a yoga studio membership? Or don’t want to leave the comfort of your home just yet? It’s okay, there are plenty of professional instructional programs you can easily indulge in that scale to your specific skill set from beginner to expert. You can quickly access them at the tip of your fingers on your mobile device.

Our mission is to improve your overall quality of life and a practice in yoga can dynamically catapult you to a better body, better health, and a sincere peace of mind.

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Stacy · January 19, 2018 at 11:50 am

I really enjoyed your post. The meditative benefits of yoga are amazing at reducing stress and clearing the mind. When the breath gets tied to the movement it allows the body to relax in a better way. I like how you also covered internal conditions that can be improved through regular yogic practice. My asthma and autoimmune digestive issues have greatly improved as a result of my practice. Overall very informative.

    admin · January 19, 2018 at 11:34 pm

    Hi Stacy! 

    I really appreciate your positive feedback and I’m very glad to hear that you have benefited on the healing properties of yoga. A common practice of yoga can always be a healthier alternative than your regularly prescribed medicine. Thank you for your comment and if you have any other questions feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to help 🙂


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